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Minnesota 3PL was started because we needed an expert fulfillment center for our own eCommerce companies.  After being woefully disappointed for years and moving around from one place to another we decided to bite the bullet and just build what all others we where using failed to build.

We started with a business model that just made sense.  Align the interests of the 3PL with the interest of the eCommerce companies we serve.  To do this we started an owner operator policy.  Our 3PL is employee owned. This one simple fact cuts down significantly on errors and shrinkage because you have people who are rewarded for caring about you the customer. 

From years of being abused by other 3PL’s we understand the frustrations you likely have already faced or will face with other 3PL’s.  The ability to actually contact someone inside the warehouse is nearly none existent at most 3PL’s yet it’s need for quick quality checks or order issues. We understand this and built in processes to help accommodate such things.

We are located in South central Minnesota.  We have a 30k Sq ft warehouse and we are not looking to grow bigger.  We are offering 3PL’s services to others because we have a lot of extra space and would like to fully utilize the warehouse. Our services are perfect for a small business who needs a 3PL provider that can be reliable and affordable.

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